Birmi Shilay Super Soft Mink Blanket Floral & Motif

How to take care of Mink Blankets
  • These are Machine-washable. However, use a low and gentle cycle setting.
  • Use Tumble dry at low temperature.
  • SAY NO to  Bleach.
  • Wrinkle-free and shrink-free

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From the house of Birmi, comes the beautiful floral design Mink Blanket.

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why Birmi Shilay Mink Blankets are the most loved blankets in the nation. Firstly, It is designed to keep you warm and cozy throughout the winters. Secondly, these are made up of a rich acrylic/polyester blend. Therefore, it also adds to the life of these blankets. Thirdly, and most importantly, We use the finest raw materials. Therefore, You will not observe signs of wear and tear even after years of use. Moreover, these are known for their feather-weight lightness, softness, and warmth. These are the imaginative second cousin of the more traditional wool and cotton blankets. In conclusion, you won’t use any mink blanket which is not produced by Birmi.

Features –

SOFT & COMFORTABLE – The rugs are 100% high-quality premium microfiber polyester, fine texture, and feel super soft. In addition to that, these are smooth, durable, warmer than usual fleece blankets. Hence, these are suitable for winters. In conclusion, their fabric, which is Mink/100% Microfiber, plays an important role in its softness and comfortability.

Single Bed – This product is suitable for a single bed measuring approx. 90″ x 70″.

Product Design – he beautiful Floral & Motif Design brings an elegant look to the product. In art and iconography, a motif is an element of an image. It may be repeated in a pattern or design, often many times, or may just occur once in a work.

Use- Our Shilay Mink Blanket is luxuriously soft and offers optimum warmth to the body in winter season. These covers are widely preferable for keeping body warm in the cold season. Additionally, the product can be used for Travel, Bedding, Home, etc.